Product Liability

Product Liability

Product liability lawsuits are the result of a consumer being harmed by a product due to a defect in the product’s design, a defect in the product’s manufacturing, or failure by the manufacturer to provide adequate warnings or instructions regarding proper use of the product.

Product liability cases may involve the manufacturer, the retailer, or any number of suppliers, wholesalers, or distributors who were involved in the process of getting the final product into your hands.

For instance, lemon law lawsuits are used to reimburse consumers for new vehicles that have major manufacturing defects, requiring the vehicle to be serviced more often than a typical new car.

Whereas Roundup® cases involve a manufacturer who has failed to provide adequate warnings to users regarding the potential health hazards. Hazards such as increased cancer risk by using the product on a regular basis.

Roundup® Cancer Lawsuit

roundup lawsuitRoundup® manufacturer Monsanto failed to warn about the potential risk of cancer.

Financial compensation may be available through a Roundup® lawsuit for individuals diagnosed with different types of blood cancer including Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), Multiple myeloma and Leukemia.

Roundup® victims may be able to file a claim without having to leave their home. There is no mandatory travel and no mandatory court appearances. There are absolutely NO upfront fees and typically no fees will be owed for legal services unless you are awarded a settlement.

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