Medical Malpractice


When you or a family member is sick or injured you go to a hospital, or a doctor, or another medical professional for help.

The vast majority of these interactions are positive and result in the patient receiving quality medical care. However, the experience is not always a positive one, and medical malpractice is an area of law that can help people when medical professionals make mistakes.

Patients die or are injured every year in this country due to avoidable mistakes made by doctors, hospitals, or other medical professionals. When these mistakes are made, you have a right to seek the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

While not every mistake made in a hospital or by a doctor is medical malpractice, if the mistake was due to negligence, where there was a failure to act with the appropriate level of care under the circumstances, then the patient deserves to be compensated for the harm done to them due to that medical error from a professional you once trusted.

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, you have the right to seek compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering

Cervical Cancer Failure to Diagnose


Delayed Pap SmearOne example of medical malpractice is delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Many women get yearly pap smears to test for the early warning signs of cervical cancer. 

For some of these women, the test was improperly administered or the results were misread, thus leading to a false “normal” pap smear result. 

These misleading or delayed test results have led to cervical cancer being diagnosed at a later stage of progression, when treatments are often less effective, and can lead to death.