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Power Morcellator

Power morcellators are robotic devices used in the laproscopic, or minimally invasive, procedure of performing hysterectomies and myomectomies (fibroid removal).  This procedure is usually done through the bellybutton to reduce scarring.  Power morcellators shred the uterus or uterine fibroid tumors to make them easier to remove.

Problems with morcellation

By the act of shredding, pieces of the uterus or uterine fibroid tumors are dispersed throughout the abdomen.  While this is usually harmless, this is not so when undetected cancerous cells are dispersed.  Leiomyosarcoma and other cancers can be difficult to detect without a biopsy.  If cancer is not suspected, a doctor may perform the procedure using a power morcellator and the undetected cancerous cells can spread, causing the the previously isolated cancer to metastasize, making it more difficult to treat.

The Relion Group can Help

If you or a loved one had a hysterectomy or fibroid removal performed with a power morcellator and after were diagnosed with uterine cancer, sarcoma or leiomyosarcoma, you should consult an attorney.  The Relion Group can connect you with an experienced attorney for a free consultation and tell you if you may have a case.  Don’t wait.  There are time deadlines to file a claim.  Call the number above and get the help you deserve.


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