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IVC Filters

IVC filters are designed to prevent blood clots from traveling through the blood stream and settling in the lungs, causing pulmonary embolisms.  They are implanted into the inferior vena cava (the large vein which travels up alongside the abdominal aorta with blood from the lower part of the body) for patients with a high risk of having pulmonary embolisms or large blood clots.  Unfortunately many of these devices fail and can lead to serious complications.  Since 2005 there have been almost a thousand adverse events reported to the FDA.  These failures include fracturing of the device, sending splinters into the blood stream, migration, tilting, perforation by the device into blood vessels and organs and becoming irretrievable when the device is scheduled to be extracted.  Some of the side effects of these failures include pulmonary embolisms, punctured blood vessels, organ damage, internal bleeding, hematoma or nerve injury, respiratory distress, infections and even death.

The number of IVC filters implanted has increased dramatically over the past three decades, estimating that 259,000 of these devices will be implanted in 2012.  With the increase of IVC filter patients, so do lawsuits against the manufacturers.  If you have been implanted with an IVC filter and the device failed, contact us today.  The Relion Group will connect you with an IVC filter attorney who will review your case to discuss your options.  There is no risk on your part.  You don’t owe us a penny unless we are successful.

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