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Essure Birth Control Lawsuit

Essure Birth Control Lawsuits claim that the permanent birth control procedure that uses a nickel implant can cause serious injuries, and that Essure Manufacturer “Bayer” knew about extensive risks of the procedure and devise, but covered them up.

Do you qualify to file lawsuit against Essure Manufacturer?

Patients who underwent an Essure permanent birth control procedure and suffered severe complications as a result, may qualify to file an Essure Birth Control Lawsuit.

Lawsuits against Essure manufacturer that have been deemed eligible have cited the following Essure injuries most often:

  • Unwanted pregnancy and/or miscarriage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Infection
  • Hysterectomy
  • Perforation of the fallopian tubes
  • Severe pain
  • Migration of the device
  • Allergic reaction to nickel

In addition to these Essure side effects and meeting criteria set for medical records, Essure victims must begin the legal process before state statute of limitations deadlines pass.

If missed, state deadlines will likely prevent you from filing a lawsuit and pursuing any legal action against Bayer for their defective device, Essure.

If you or your family member has suffered complications after a Essure procedure, contact us today. We will connect you with a lawyer who has experience in dealing with such cases. Our experienced Essure lawyers have the required knowledge to review the facts of your situation to help determine if you have a case based on this medical device causing complications in your specific circumstances. All of our Essure attorneys dealing with Essure lawsuits provide free consultations.

If your answers meet the requirements for a Essure Lawsuit, you may become eligible to receive a financial settlement to compensate you for your injuries, after a lawsuit has been filed.

Essure Settlement Amounts, Compensation and Payouts

Financial compensation may be available for individuals who have experienced serious complications after having an Essure procedure.

In March 2016, U.S. District Judge John R. Padova of Philadelphia made an important decision when he allowed two of the pending lawsuits against Bayer (manufacturer of Essure) to proceed.

This decision defeated the attempts of Essure’s manufacturer to have all cases against it dismissed over Essures status as a premarket approved device.

Judge Padova stated that Bayer failed to adequately warn consumers about Essure’s health risks and actively misled consumers (doctors and patients) through product advertisements.

Essure Lawsuit cases are now able to proceed. Essure settlement offers will depend on the results of the first cases that make it to trial and each individual’s specific injuries.

Essure settlements may cover:

  • Compensatory and general health damages
  • Medical expenses and lost wages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, disability, pain and suffering

What is Essure?

Essure is not just a device. It is a surgical procedure. Essure is a permanent surgical sterilization procedure for women developed by Conceptus Inc., a subsidiary of Bayer AG.

A small Essure insert (a metal coil) is permanently placed into each of fallopian tubes. These inserts work to form a natural barrier that keeps sperm from reaching the eggs, preventing pregnancy.

The Essure device was approved with “high-risk” status in 2002. Bayer claims that over 750,000 women have agreed to receive the implants, instead of more traditional sterilization options like tubal ligation.

However, thousands of those women have experienced devastating side effects. Hundreds have already chosen to file personal injury lawsuits, accusing Bayer of hiding safety evidence from the US Food & Drug Administration. The manufacturer of Essure, Bayer AG, has not made any settlement offers yet. It looks like the company is going to vigorously defend against these Essure lawsuits.

FDA Essure Recall

The FDA has been examining safety concerns about Essure raised by patients and cited in Medical Device Reports (MDRs).

“Allegations in the trade complaint included clinical trial misconduct, notably that clinical trial participants’ medical records were altered to reflect more favorable data about participants’ experiences, and that the sponsor violated the terms of the PMA approval order and violated laws that relate to the manufacturing and marketing of Essure.”

In April 2015 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded to a petition signed by more than 2,000 women fighting to get Essure permanent birth control off the market.

CNN published an article “FDA mandates new warnings, new data for Essure contraceptive device” in March 2016, claiming that “FDA reports 631 pregnancies among women with device, 294 of them pregnancy losses”.

“Essure Problems”, a support group for women who have been damaged by the device reacted to the FDA statement uncomplimentary: “Take the device OFF the market and revoke premarket approval. Do not continue to allow more women to be harmed.”

Essure Birth Control Lawsuit Commercials

Have you seen a commercial about Essure Lawsuits? You may have seen our “Essure Birth Control Lawsuit” commercial on one of your favorite nationally televised shows.

“Attention women who’ve been implanted with the permanent birth control device Essure!  This small device has been reported to cause serious side effects, including the device moving, breaking, or tearing the fallopian tube or uterine wall, as well as causing blood clots, infection, allergic reactions to nickel and severe pain.

If you or a loved one were implanted with the Essure device and suffered complications, call the Relion Group right now. You will be connected to an experienced attorney for a free consultation to see if you may qualify for financial compensation and medical expenses.”

That’s right. Call The Relion Group right now at 888-460-1702 to find out if your case qualifies for an Essure lawsuit.

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