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Risperdal is a drug used for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and irritability associated with autism.  Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of the drug, has already paid out millions of dollars in legal settlements for false claims, promoting off-label use and fraud.  The FDA has even issued a black box warning, a label change and drug safety communication regarding the drug.  Scientists admittedly do not know what makes the drug work, however there are a number of potential side effects that are associated with it.

One of these side effects is called gynecomastia, a condition which causes the growth of male breast tissue.  Patients most likely to be affected by this condition were given Risperdal in adolescence.

If you are a male and took Risperdal as a minor or you have a son that took Risperdal as a minor and developed breasts, contact The Relion Group today.  You will be connected to an experienced attorney who will evaluate your case and determine if you may qualify for financial compensation.  You don’t owe a penny unless we are successful.

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